Cheranalloor Sree Maha Deva Temple
Redeemer Of Debts ( Rinamochaka )
Thottuva , Cheranalloor , Ernakulam Dist, Kerala, Pin :683544, Tel :0484-2649024
Welcome to Cheranalloor Temple
The Cheranalloor Shiva temple is located on the banks of river Periyar .The temple is one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. The name Cheranalloor means "Good place to join" in Malayalam. It is a worthwhile location for deeper archeological study & survey. The presiding deity "The Mahadevan" is believed to have powers to free one from any kind of debts and is acclaimed as "RINAMOCHAKAN." The Lord is in his ascetic form here. After Sati , the Lord Mahadevan parting with his wife. Hence fragrant flowers and incense sticks are forbidden for Pooja here. The temple once had extensive land holdings and was in receipt of appx 24 tons of paddies every year. Consequent to agrarian reforms the temple also lost all the land except a couple of acre or so in which the temple is situated. The misfortune fell upon the Administrators of the temples, known as "Uraymas" , a cluster of Namboothiri families in the region , as they also had lost their land holdings. A meager annuity was fixed to compensate for it.